Individual consultations

Solving important problems with systematic problem solving.

I focus mostly on business consultations, but if you like my blog and approach to life, I can offer you two types of help.

1. Smaller consultations

Want to discuss some situation(s) in your life and hear questions, feedback and maybe advice from me?

Possible in Brno or online.

Price: Approximately 1,000 CZK / hour (750 for online consultations).

100% money back guarantee if you dislike the consultation for any reason. I want you to feel comfortable and have no risk.

2. Individualized personal growth plan (Beta version)

I work on a system for complex personal growth which is still highly individualized. It includes a personal growth plan template, instructions how to fill it and then how to use it and my consultations (or coaching) to help you with that. It’s currently in Alpha testing (I test it on myself) and Beta testing (some very early adopters test it too).

Possible in Brno or online.

Price: Currently free and without any obligations from your side (I would appreciate honest feedback afterwards). Free offer holds only while in Beta version – until 31th August or with the first 10 people using the system.

Next steps

  • Write me a non-binding email describing your situation and expectations to or use the contact form. I will contact you back quickly.
  • I remain the right to reject cooperation for any reason (especially if I have a feeling I won’t be able to help you and be useful for you or if I have a feeling we won’t enjoy cooperation with each other).