Services for Organizations

Solving important problems with systematic problem solving.

My business services might be for you if:

  • You are an organization leader. Ideally a business owner or a CEO, but I work also with executives, directors, managers whose teams have a reasonable amount of autonomy and freedom. So far, I
  • You share my deep belief that organization is successful if it fulfills needs and exceed expectations of all its stakeholder groups (customers, employees, shareholders and even wider environment). And that you share my desire to make your organization successful.

My business services

1. Organizational audit

My core service for new customers are audits.

Audit of different organizational components (e.g. organizational culture, processes, leadership, structure, strategy) and attributes (e.g. employee satisfaction, relationships, cooperation, productivity, quality, efficiency, replaceability, continuous improvement). You can tell me which of those (or others) are mostly important for you and I should focus on mostly.

If we both like our cooperation, the audit can be extended to change management to help you with implementing the improvements we agree on during the audit.

Option 1 – Complex organizational audit for teams, departments or companies.

  • For who: Leaders who want to better understand and improve their organization and are not sure how or not sure what should be the priorities or who just want an external opinion.
  • Result is a long document and discussion (or discussions if needed) to help you better understand your organization, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in various organizational attributes and components. Based on agreement, it can also include key recommended change projects.
  • Approximate price: 100,000 CZK. It depends on many things (mostly complexity of your organization and your needs and expectations from the audit) and it can vary from around 35,000 to several hundred thousands. Conditions including price limit will be agreed before starting the cooperation.

Option 2 – Mini audit for teams.

  • For who: Leaders or teams who would like a quick and cheap external feedback on how they are doing and what they can improve.
  • Result/process: I will organize a retrospective meeting with your team, maybe briefly talk with several people in your team, quickly analyze the inputs. Then I discuss my observations, suggestions and your questions with you as the organizational leader.
  • Approximate price: 15,000 – 20,000 CZK.

Option 3 – Single-objective audit.

  • For who: Leaders or teams who have some specific problem (or several specific problems) they want to better understand and solve and would like my help on that. Just a few possible examples: high employee fluctuation; lots of negative emotions in the organization’s climate; low proactivity of employees; lots of missed deadlines; bad customer reviews; bad employee reviews on Atmoskop; bad relationships in the workplace; low product quality and many bugs; different teams not cooperating well, …
  • Result/process: Depends on the specific problem you want to solve and on what we agree on.
  • Approximate price: Final price depends on your specific situation. We can agree on it (or its upper limit) before starting the cooperation. Hourly rate approximately 1,500 CZK (can be less or more depending on various criteria).

All three variants have up to 50% money back guarantee if you dislike my service for any reason.

Interested in some variant of the audit? Write me a non-binding email to or use the contact form. I will contact you back quickly. I remain the right to reject cooperation for any reason (especially if I have a feeling I won’t be able to help you and be useful for you or if I have a feeling we won’t enjoy cooperation with each other).

2. Post-audit consultations

We can agree on some follow-up work – typically change management or smaller consulting – after the audit. Meaningful relationships and meaningful work are my two most basic values at work, so agreeing on longer consultations or change management requires two things from my side: a) that we create a connection and trust with each other during the audit, that we enjoy working with each other; b) that I sufficiently understand your organization and I think I know how to help your organization and its employees, customers, shareholders and you as the leader… Organizational audit tests both of these criteria.

3. Smaller consultations

Want to discuss some situation(s) about your team or company and hear questions and feedback from me?

Possible in Brno or online.

Price: Approximately 1,500 CZK / hour (1,200 for online consultations).

100% money back guarantee if you dislike the consultation for any reason. I want you to feel comfortable and have no risk.

Interested in smaller consultations? Write me a non-binding email describing your situation and expectations to or use the contact form. I will contact you back quickly. I remain the right to reject cooperation for any reason (especially if I have a feeling I won’t be able to help you and be useful for you or if I have a feeling we won’t enjoy cooperation with each other).

4. Workshops

I do workshops for existing clients.

Next steps:

  • If you are possibly interested in some of my services, feel free to contact me without binding to anything. Then we check if we want to cooperate with each other and if so, we agree on the details of the cooperation.
  • I will try to do my best to help you and your organization. Even if we decide to not cooperate with each other, I will at least try to point you to other ways / people that could help you.