Solving important problems with systematic problem solving.

Marian Hurta (Engeto, CEO): With his systematic work, Michal significantly helped our company in improving the development process, product quality, the functioning of the technical team, and the setting up of processes. We worked with Michal for more than half a year and we can say that we have moved from a startup to a company where the processes are well set up, the team is working properly and the company has clearly set which way to go. His work has helped us not only to set up processes but also to maintain and improve them over time. If you are a company that operates in IT and develops a product or several products, Michal can use his experience and methodological approach to help you towards better and faster development, as well as a more satisfied and motivated team. (Note: based on an organizational audit followed up by change management and consultations, translated from Slovak, 2020)

Petr Halík (Proficio, CEO): I welcome the proactive approach of Michal. I can count on things to move without constantly getting involved and overseeing them, for which I am very grateful. The perfect thing is that Michal comes with suggestions on how to improve things, perceives connections, is attentive, and looks for opportunities. I do not just get a report to think about it myself and do something about it, but I have the action steps suggestions from Michal, which is a difficult thing for an external consultant, but it works. I must emphasize the most important thing, and that is shifting the level of our thinking around project management and how we work on projects. In a much more structured way, more efficiently, and with a better division of responsibilities. (Note: based on an organizational audit followed up by change management and consultations, translated from Czech, 2020)

Jakub Rendla (MAJAK agency, Creative Hand): Systematize. With Michal. Although freedom and creativity are fine, if you want to be effective, things need some systems and rules defined. During our co-operation, I assured myself that this statement is right. Michal can select the right methods and models for project management, leadership, and change management. If I am to pick one word to describe why then I choose: empathy. He can listen very well, give proper names to issues and problems, and choose the right solution and tools. He can push you where some action is needed and slow you down where you try to rush things too much. And if you are as open as Michal then you will learn a lot. And you will not get bored. During a quarter of a year, I learned a lot and I am truly thankful for that.  (Note: based on joint efforts in change management, translated from Czech, 2020)

Jaroslav Kovac (Home Hunters, CEO): All in all – it was great and thanks, we will be gladly recommending you to others! (Note: based on an organizational excellence audit, translated from Czech, 2019)

Lubomir Cerny (IMCerny, CEO): When you spend just a short time with Michal, his thoughts, ideas, and attitude is something that you keep repeating until you decide to make a real change. Just two meetings and 4 months later we have moved our office, improved processes in quality and time management, ended cooperation with people we had troubles to cooperate with and hired people who have the same values. Looking forward to what happens in the next 4 months 🙂 (Note: based on a workshop and consultation, 2019)

Martin Vlach: Michal is a very good listener, I admire his calm questions in which he maps the whole situation for himself and for the complete view of a client. Then we discussed my project, its goals in various time frames and scenarios. We went to depth, to my personal motivation and my resources in various aspects which I consider a highly useful method for any important life decision. At the end of the second session, I had a clear mind as to which solution I want to take to achieve my goal including specific action items. Thanks! (Note: based on individual consultations, translated from Czech, 2019)

Martin Holec: I now realize how I think about how any experience or any day influences my physical, mental, emotional/social, and spiritual aspects. (Note: based on a workshop and individual consultation, translated from Czech, 2019)