Solving important problems with systematic problem solving.

Well, team… 🙂

So far, the “team” is just one person – Michal.

My story behind this web: The topics of systematic problem solving, individual excellence and organizational excellence are my favorite areas of research, my favorite topics to discuss and I have changed my career of Software Quality Assurance Manager and Scrum Master to focus around them. That gives me high purpose, passion, energy and focus to my work. My biggest goal I am currently working on: find a re-usable, systematic way how to help organizations to reach a state of excellence.

Ability to handle bigger projects: I have quite a big network of other freelancers (many of them similarly focused), “friendly” consulting companies and I am a relatively active member in several communities around education, Agile, business, software development, self-improvement, and others. I consider many of these people to be my friends and I am in regular contact with many of them and we even share some of our experiences (no sensitive customer information though), ideas, processes, know-how, … For possible bigger projects, I am able to include some of these people of who I know for some time and who I trust to the project.

Join our “team”: If you share my passions of systematic problem solving, finding individual excellence or organizational excellence and they are one of your favorite topics too, you can contact me and we can have a lunch or a video call to exchange our approaches and inspire each other. Bigger cooperation might be possible if you are a consultant and want to work together on some projects or if you want to publish articles around the 3 major topics (under your name, of course) on this web.