Organizational culture mindmap

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Organizational culture mindmap

April 5, 2019 Uncategorized 0

This is my quick mental map to understand an organizational culture – what it is, why it’s important, how to design it, how to implement it, how to change it, how to improve and maintain it. I want to write separate articles about a big majority of these points.

  • Understanding
    • What culture is and what’s its place in the organization
    • Why it is important
    • What is Excellent organization
    • What is Competing Values Framework, the best from all 4 types of culture and the typical troubles with each of the 4 types of culture if imbalanced with other types
    • Typical cultural flaws (list of 80+ typical cultural flaws with sub-list of 10 most vicious flaws)
    • 5 stages of Tribal Leadership
    • 4 main causes of bad cultures
  • Design
    • Set the basic philosophy or system of core values and/or principles
      • Possibility to inspire from a list of tens of possible values, principles
    • Verify its correctness, completeness, ability to implement with 10+ simple theoretical checks
      • It’s reasonably short and easy to remember
      • In agreement with values and personalities of leaders (and ideally also employees)
      • In agreement with organization’s purpose (vision, mission, strategy)
      • In agreement with organization’s external environment
      • Ability to guide daily decision making (list of tens of possible/probable difficult daily situations)
      • Potential to lead to excellent organization
      • Potential to get the best and avoid the worst from all 4 types of CVF cultures
      • Potential to fight the 4 main causes of bad cultures
      • Potential to fight the extended list of typical cultural flaws
      • If it’s about culture change rather than culture implementation, then many others
        • Fit with leadership and majority of employees
        • Implementable first steps
        • Has potential to fix troubles with current culture
        • The new culture should keep the best from the old culture
  • Implement the designed culture (in a new organization)
    • Based on the organizational model
      • External environment – including communication with external environment
      • Purpose – goals
      • Leadership’s behavior
      • Policies and processes – including special activities to support desired culture
      • People and structure – rewards, hiring, training, firing, promotions, organizational structure, …
      • Metrics
      • Tools and internal environment
      • Product / Service
  • Change (in an existing organization)
    • Understand the current situation
      • Bottom-up analysis – interviews, metrics, observation
      • Top-down analysis – things from “understanding culture”, OCAI test
    • Everything from “implement in a new organization”
    • Prevent the biggest change obstacles
      • Employee resistance
      • Leadership’s behavior not supporting change
      • Lack of resources and budget
    • Have a change plan and change project (e.g. Kotter’s 8 step model)
  • Verify and maintain
    • Metrics, monitoring, data collections, analyses and reviews
    • Possibility of culture design improvements
    • Reinforcing mechanisms

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